Family Support

Family Support Worker - Julie Cook

My name is Julie Cook and I am the Family Support Worker for Ravensbourne School. I have had the privilege of working at Ravensbourne as a TA for a number of years and know the pupils here very well. I understand that whilst it is immensely rewarding being a parent/carer to our wonderful children, at times it can also be challenging.

My role primarily is to provide support, guidance and assistance whenever necessary. I am available to speak with parents and carers throughout the school day and can liaise directly with class teachers, therapists, the nursing team and outside professionals on your behalf. I am also happy to simply be a listening ear when times are tough.

I am trying to improve parental engagement with school by running regular information and advice sessions on a range of topics which to date have included health, communication and financial assistance. These sessions are also an opportunity for parents to make friends, chat and share experiences with others who may be in a similar situation. I would love to receive ideas and suggestions for future sessions and welcome feedback to ensure that these events remain interesting and relevant.

I work directly with the Education Welfare Officer and any concerns about pupil attendance or punctuality will come to me in the first instance. If there are problems which affect your child’s ability to attend school regularly, please do let me know as I am more than happy to work with you to find a solution.I feel very lucky to be working with our amazing pupils, and look forward to getting to know all parents and carers better. Please do get in touch if there is anything I can do to help.

We have 2 School Nurses, Dawn and Carian. The Nursing Team support with issues such as feeding, health care plans and incontinence. The nurses are available to offer support and advice to parents. They work closely with the Safeguarding Team.

We also have a Welfare Support Teaching Assistant, Laura Reilly. She oversees the storage and administration of all medication. Laura is qualified to train staff in moving and handling and the use of hoists. Laura works closely with the School Nurse, Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists to support our students.

We have a team of Therapists who regularly come into the school. Please see below for who they are and the various services they provide:

Angela Fen - Physio

Agneszka Fabianska-Ginev - Physio

David Balls - Physio

Ravina Krishnan - Dietitian

Candice Smith - Speech & Language Therapist

Nicky Gallop - Speech & Language Therapist

Doctor Hla Thu - Paediatrician

Helen Sanderson - Therapist

Sandra Humphreys - Occupational Therapist

Megan Bahlmann - Therapist

Claire Drew - Therapist

We receive monthly visits from the Local Authority’s Education and Welfare Officer. She works with the school to monitor attendance in line with current legislation.